Assets Without Borders

A blockchain for digital transformation

What is GPEX?

GPEX is an innovative blockchain initiative at the forefront of digital transformation. Utilizing the power of blockchain technology, we digitize real-world assets and data—a significant step towards transforming conventional practices. Committed to breaking free from traditional constraints, we undertake a crucial role in reshaping the digital world.

Our primary objective is the convergence of real-world and digital economies. This involves a meticulous transition from traditional operational processes to their digital counterparts, resulting in improved data transparency and reliability along with enhanced asset mobility and accessibility. Join us on this journey toward a borderless, digitally-driven future.

The Dilemma


Real vs. digital economy disconnect

- The acceleration of the digital economy has led to a gap between the physical and digital realms
- There is a need for harmonious development between the traditional and digital economies

Closed operating practices

- Traditional systems requiring complex administrative processes
- Lack of external validation due to non-transparency (decline in trust)

Technological complexity

- Most blockchain businesses are technology-intensive
- General public faces difficulty accessing due to technological barriers

Low asset accessibility

- High-value alternatives require significant initial capital
- Barriers to entry for the general public

The Gpex Approach

1. Backed by Blockchain

GPEX’s “Backed By Blockchain” solution represents a forward-thinking application of blockchain technology. This solution integrates the essential features of blockchain, including performance, scalability, interoperability, security, and monitoring services. By analyzing unique business situations and asset characteristics, GPEX enhances competitiveness through tailored services.

BBB solution transcends limitations to specific ecosystems. It is accessible to trustworthy entities like government agencies or verified companies. Designed for ease of use, even for users with limited technical understanding, the solution ensures that a broader audience can readily experience the advantages of blockchain. GPEX provides a user-friendly and convenient blockchain service, opening new possibilities for businesses and individuals alike.

2. Asset Backed Tokens (ABTs)

ABTs are digital tokens representing ownership of tangible or intangible assets. 

These tokenized digital assets establish a connection between the real and the digital economies, speeding up digital transformation.

GPEX Features

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Clean and secure process

Tokenized asset transactions, which are permanently recorded on the blockchain, streamline administrative tasks, minimize errors, and ensure immutability and transparency, thereby boosting operational reliability and fostering a foundation for trust in digital transformation.

Popularization of blockchain services

GPEX democratizes blockchain services, offering regulation-friendly, user-centric solutions. We enable seamless access to digital services, bridging the gap for users unfamiliar with blockchain technology.

Higher accessibility and mobility

Through asset tokenization, GPEX lowers barriers to entry, allowing the general public to engage in markets previously beyond their reach. This broadening of investment access enhances market vibrancy and liquidity.

Twin Initiative, DX + ESG

Our Twin Transition Initiative uniquely balances sustainability with digital transformation. By shifting traditional industry operations online, we not only streamline management processes but also significantly reduce environmental impact.

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