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Advanced gas controls are an optional feature that gives you more control over the gas you pay in GPEX’s wallet. The methods for turning on and using advanced gas controls vary depending on which version of GPEX Clip you’re using. However, regardless of the version of wallet you’re using, keep this in mind:

  1. The gas limit

The gas limit is the maximum amount of gas you are willing to spend in order to carry out a transaction or EVM operation.

  1. The max priority fee

The max priority fee, also referred to as the “miner tip”, goes to the miner or validator, and incentivizes them to prioritize your transaction. Most often, the value you put in for “max priority fee” will be the amount you pay.

  1. The max fee

The max fee is the total, global amount paid for your transaction: base fee + priority fee.

Remember that gas you pay is not charged or collected by GPEX, and not something we can control.