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What’s the difference between resetting my wallet and resetting my account?

Although similar in name, these two options have different effects. While ‘Reset wallet’ will completely remove your wallet from the device, requiring you to restore with your SRP, ‘Reset account’ will wipe your transaction history whilst leaving your wallet otherwise untouched. See our account reset article for additional detail.

In summary:

  • Reset account will wipe your transaction history, but keep your wallet in GPEX Wallet.
  • Reset wallet will completely remove your wallet from this GPEX Wallet install.

Most users will have no need to reset their account, and we suggest only doing so when recommended to by a Support agent or when one of our articles suggests it.

* Why might I need to reset my wallet?

The two main reasons are:

  • You want to stop using your existing GPEX Wallet and create a new one, with a new Secret Recovery Phrase
  • You want to reset your password, potentially because you’ve forgotten it. 

Currently, the process is the same in both cases.