Utilizing Web 3.0 technology to bring control and ownership to your reward points

GPEX Brand Point Programs

GPEX is a Web 3.0-based point conversion platform enabling users to take ownership of their points. In the status quo, points belong to the issuing companies. Shifting control from companies to individuals empowers consumers and provides them with an innovative financial experience.

Through GPEX, individuals take control of their financial data and use their points as they like.

Existing reward systems restrict the use of loyalty points, reward points, air miles, etc. to limited purposes and channels. In contrast, GPEX brings new value to the idle points lingering in consumers’ wallets through Web 3.0 technology, allowing users to gain total control of their assets.

GPEX Platform

Move your assets around freely

Brand Points Swapping Technology

The Platform allows people with brand points to swap their points into GPW. All swaps are recorded on the blockchain for immutability. GPW is a blockchain based stable coin that acts as a stable medium of exchange on the Platform. GPW is supported by a sperate pool in the equivalent value in cryptocurrency, and brand points.

GPW Swapping Technology

Users can trade their GPW to GPX tokens to trade on exchanges, or purchase exclusive NFT items on partnership platforms.

GPW to Partnership Points
The GPEX Platform will work with multiple online games. Users can swap GPW to selected game points and use those points when gaming.

GPEX Wallet Technology

GPX to NFT Content: Users that hold GPX tokens in their GPEX wallet can get access to exclusive celebrity based NFT content such as singers and idols.

Users can also gain access to unique character based NFT gaming content, such as Koi Fish NFTs and an NFT card based characters dueling game.

GPEX Brand Point Programs

By partnering with GPEX and integrating your Brand Points into the platform, your users will have more ways to redeem their points. Creating more consumer satisfaction and loyalty.

There is a 1.6x lift in satisfaction among redeemers versus non-redeemers. Loyalty program members spend 12–18% more per year than customers who are non-members.

Exchange Features

The GPEX project is positioned to be the global leader in point to cryptocurrency and vice versa exchange. The platform is built with the following core features.


The platform and wallet technologies have been built for efficiency and transaction speed, allowing for the end users to implement their desired transactions as quickly as possible.


User interface and user experiences have been taken into consideration in all aspects during the planning and development of the platform and wallet.


The GPEX project seeks to support multiple different points and cryptocurrencies allowing for convenience and continuous expansion of the platform


Due to the nature of the GPEX project, all security measures have been taken for the protection for all the transactions on the platform and wallet.

Blockchain agnostic

The GPEX plaform will seek to integrate with multiple different blockchain mainnets to ensure market growth


The GPEX platform and wallet will provide transparent and organized data for the users to clearly see their transactional data.


Road Map


- KPX and GPEX incorporation , GPEX mainnet development initiated , GPEX listed on exchange

2022 Q1

- Lotte Members partnership , Siwon School partnership , Mainnet 1.0 testing , GPEX wallet development initiated

2022 Q2

- GPEX DEX seeding , Additional partnerships (Times Media, and PUMP)

2022 Q3

- GPEX Promotions: GPEX sponsor at WCIF , Closed BETA development

2022 Q4

- Additional GPEX Promotions , Development projects (Mainnet & Wallet) public launch targeted


- Additional brand point partnerships , Second Exchange Listing , Growth of the GPEX Ecosystem


Token Allocation

SALE – GPX 140,000,000


ECOSYSTEM – GPX 210,000,000








FOUNDATION – GPX 100,000,000


TEAM – GPX 120,000,000


PARTNERS – GPX 60,000,000


ADVISORS – GPX 40,000,000


GPX 1,000,000,000 Total Issue

  • Sale- Private sales of the GPX token
  • Ecosystem- GPX tokens allocated to maintain, operate, and expand the platform ecosystems
  • Liquidity/Treasury- GPX tokens allocated to allow users to purchase GPX on markets
  • Platform Development- GPX tokens used for the purpose of developing and expanding the GPEX platform
  • Promotions/Events/Airdrops- GPX tokens reserved for promotions, influencers, airdrops, and GPX based platform events
  • Foundation- GPX tokens reserved for the operation of the GPX Foundation
  • Team- GPX token team allocation for all members: executives to staff
  • Partners- GPEX Platform partners
  • Advisors- GPX token allocation for advisors to the GPEX project